FIT (Feed-in Tariff) project is a grid-tie system that sells the electricity to the local hydro company. IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) allows the FIT program ranging from above 10kW up to 500 kW in generation capacity.

The successful project applicants sign the contracts with IESO, and the contracts guarantee a fixed price that IESO will purchase all the electricity produced from the solar power projects for 20 years. The current rate for a FIT rooftop solar system:

  • $0.343/kWh for a rooftop system >10  < or = 100kW
  • $0.316/kWh for a rooftop system >100 < or =500kW.

We provide complete engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to FIT projects.


Net-metering project is also a grid-tie system that sends the electricity to the local hydro company. You will consume the electricity from the utility grid just as you always have, but the electricity generated from your solar power system will reduce your annual hydro bill down to zero.

The cost of a solar system has dropped tremendously over the past several years and a typical paid back period for a Net-Metering system is now less than 10 years. Your system will be paid as you would pay your hydro bills. After that, you will effectively use the free electricity you generate for at least another 20 more years. If you have annual utility bill of more than $3,000, you might want to get started immediately.

Our turnkey Net-Metering system solution includes:

  • Free consultation and site evaluation;
  • System engineering, including structural and electrical designs;
  • Premium quality equipment and materials, including solar panels, inverters and mounting system;
  • Professional installation and commissioning of the entire solar power system;
  • 3 year install warranty, 25 year solar panel warranty and 10 year inverter warranty extendable to 20 years;
  • One free re-install of the solar power system for re-roofing purpose with our roofing partner;
  • Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and local hydro company inspections; and,
  • Lease-To-Own option available.


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