MicroFIT project, a grid-tie solar power system, sells the electricity to Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) with a fixed price contract for 20 years. The maximum capacity allowed for a MicroFIT solar power project is 10kW. The current rate for a MicroFIT system is 38.4¢/kWh. A typical MicroFIT project owner will expect a paid back period of 7 years and the annual ROI of 10% for 20 years.

Our turnkey MicroFIT system solution includes:

  • Application process with IESO, hydro company and local municipality;
  • System engineering, including structural and electrical designs;
  • Premium quality equipment and materials, including solar panels, inverters and mounting system;
  • Professional installation and commissioning of the entire system;
  • 3 year install warranty, 25 year solar panel warranty and 10 year inverter warranty extendable to 20 years;
  • One free re-install of the solar power system for re-roofing purpose with our roofing partner;
  • Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and local hydro company inspections; and,
  • Lease-To-Own option available.

Off-grid project, a stand-alone solar power system that does not connect to the utility grid, is typically for homes or cottages that do not have access to the power grid. Or the home owner simply chooses to be independent of power grid. All the electricity generated from the solar power system is consumed locally.

Grid-interactive project, a system combining the grid-tie and off-grid technologies, maximizes the benefits of solar power system by operating in user defined operation modes, such as microFIT, backup power and stand alone system.

Our turnkey Off-grid or Grid-interactive system solution includes:

  • Complete system design, including the load calculation and electrical line drawing;
  • Premium quality equipment and materials in full compliance with ESA/CSA standards;
  • Professional installation and commissioning of the entire system;
  • Leading manufacturer warranties


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